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Liceo Plauto - Roma
Equality I B

   Thoughts on values


Equality means the same rights for all people without distinctions.It would be good if
this denotation the vocabulary gives us was the real reality;
                                    fact equality is practised  only by a few persons and  in part it remains a theory. 
In my opinion this value contains freedom, solidarity and tolerance: 
                                    first because everyone should have the right to live, to do or say what he/she
wants without being judged on the basis of his/her own breed. Solidarity because 
we should be in agreement with the others that are considered different; tolerance
because it takes peace among more breed. The
                                    conquest of equality began in U.S.A. 
where, since 1619 and for a
                                    long time, had existed the slavery of children, women, 
men and the elderly that belonged to other breed.
                                    Their emancipation started in 1864
when slavery was abolished. I think that equality among the
                                    people is very important 
to build
                                    a better future where Martin Luther King's dream will be realized.

Daniela I B

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