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Liceo Plauto - Roma
Freedom I e II B

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Looking up the word freedom in my dictionary I read:"The right to live your life the way you want to, make your decisions, express your own opinions etc. without being prevented or controlled". Freedom, then, seems to be a utopia, because nobody can do whatever he wants to, in fact you have to limit yourself to your space without taking possession of the space of those who are around you or you would reduce their freedom.  With more precision, Montesquieu said that "freedom is the right of doing everything the law allows" but even this sentence presents a few issues. In fact, there are some states whose laws don't allow very much and we can't say that a citizen that lives in one of those nations enjoys a great freedom. So I think about freedom as a term with  a relative meaning.
Sara I B
Oxygen and Freedom
Chains, no room, lampblack,
no lights, no sounds, contracting
dust walls all around, time growing
long, and you look at your past, back.
Liberty, you can breath it...
you feel it as you feel oxygen.
We were born with freedom's gene,
and we have to, never, forget it.
I know I don't fear death,
I know I don't fear pain,
I know what's my main
fear: be in a cage, without breath.
Come on rise up, mankind!
There is something nobody
can take away, never...
Your soul, your identity, your mind!
Marco II B

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